Year Two. An Update.

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It’s been ages since I have updated this here blog of mine and it has been missed… by me anyway.  I often read back to jog my memories of Evan when he was even more wee than he is now.  My memory is less than stellar.  I’ll record it on here!  You can judge me on my grammar!  Come on, it’ll be fun!

He loves Dora the Explorer.  He calls the show ‘Doda and Boots’ or if he’s asking for it over and over it’s more like, ‘Doda Boooooos, Doda Boooooooos, DODA BOOOOS, MOMMY/DADA!’  He’ll watch the same episodes over and over.  He will use this show as a bargaining tool: ‘Mommy will be in the kitchen, can you be a good boy while Mommy is in the kitchen?’  Him: ‘Doda and Boots.’ (or ‘Fine lady, if you put my stories on’)  At the end of the show, Dora looks at you with her gigantic eyeballs and asks all the slack-jawed children, ‘What was your favorite part?’ Then there is complete silence.  Evan knows he is to fill it.  Every time he says, ‘Ummmmmmmm… bibbit.’  And then Dora says, ‘I liked that too.’ 

Bibbit is his word for frog.  He’ll often point at you and say, ‘Bibbit!’  Sometimes it’s an accusation, sometimes a compliment.  When you call HIM a Bibbit, sometimes he takes it as a compliment and sometimes he spits at you: ‘No, MOMMY bibbit!’  Sometimes it’s like you turned off Dora during the Map’s third repeating of the directions OMG SHUT UP:  he’ll scream and have a tantrum.  Sometimes he will call himself or someone else a ‘Bobot’ (robot), and yes, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have a speech impediment. 

He was never a baby with a blanky or a binky or a stuffed animal that he HAD to have.  I would often throw something fluffy in his face and insist that he extra love it and then get offended when he could take a nap without it.  Now when he lays down he wants his pillow pet, blanket (blay-blet), elephant (eefant), and Elmo (a puppet he got for Christmas).  He doesn’t extra love it necessarily, he just likes the routine of it and watching mommy and dada search for all the items on demand.

Sleep.  Sigh.  So.  Evan sleeps most of the time in our bed.  There was period of time when dada was working weird shifts and only saw Evan around bedtime.  So he would come home and snuggle on the couch with Evan until he fell asleep.  It was so sweet.  Until, of course, it became Evan’s preferred (only) way of going down for the night.  Most nights, once he falls asleep, I lay him down in his crib and I’m lucky to fall asleep before he wakes an hour or so later.  Then I stumble into his room, pick him up and lay him in the bed next to me.  Some nights, I just bring him right to our bed.  Gone are his newborn days of non-picky-sleeping.

Weekday mornings consist of me turning on the bedroom light, changing his diaper and clothes, brushing his hair and teeth and stuffing him into his coat and into the car all in a 10 minute span.  Most weekend mornings start with Evan sitting up in bed, taking a couple seconds to get his bearings, and then reverse army crawling off the bed while suggesting that I get up, turn on the lights he points to and then giving him a Dora fix.  I’m normally still trying to wake up and half-assed forcing him to say please to make it seem a little like I’m sorta in control.  Kinda.

He’s getting a little pickier with his foods.  I could get him to eat just about anything back in the day, but now he’s grown a palette for all of the toddler staples.  He is a fruit eating champ though so he does get his vitamins.   He also gets a gummy vitamin every day.  Right off the bat I handed him a candy-looking sugar-coated vitamin and said, “This is a vitamin, not candy.  You get ONE A DAY.  ONE A DAY, hear me?  No more.  One.”  It sunk in.  I hand him his vitamin and very day he holds it out and says, “One-day, Mommy!  One-day!” 

He is still in diapers.  He views potty time as book reading time.  The same two books.  Once Upon a Potty & Are You My Mommy (Tiger Edition).  We must both take turns reading them.  He knows the ‘sensation’.  He’ll tell me POOPYPOPPYMOMMY and run upstairs and do nothing.  Then I will put a fresh diaper on him which he’ll immediately soil.  Once he insisted that he did indeed go potty and I told him he did not and lying is bad and then I took him off the potty and we both leaned in for a look and there was a tiny pebble down there.  We looked up at each other in surprise and I sang praises and handed out M&Ms and put a new diaper on him.  Which he immediately soiled.

He is now in 3T shirts.  I was in denial about this.  He is 2.  He should be in 2T while he’s 2.  Ya know?  2 = 2T.  Right?  At daycare he walks up to Miss Di and she comments about him getting too big for his shirt.  It instantly and completely confused me.  ‘Noooo, 2T’, my brain told me.  My eyes saw too much of his forearms and a little belly.  My brain was all: 2T!  I said, ‘He’s two! I have until September!’  Di may have looked at me funny.  I may have mumbled it.  However, I stick to my logic: he should not be wearing 3T anything until September 8th, 2011.  I have 2T summer stuff for frigg sake.  He has to wear the 2T jeans with the tabby-dos all cinched up tight.  The jeans will become too short on him before they can be let out at all.  He’s a long skinny guy and his back bone’s connected to his leg bones, ‘cause he doesn’t appear to have a hip bone.

He is still a mommy’s boy.  I can soothe him like nobody’s business.  If he has a bad dream I can pat him on the back and whisper, ‘Mommy’s here’ and he’ll slip back into sleep.  I am fiercely cherishing this before it goes away and I become his lame mom.

He is also very protective of his mommy.  Heaven-for-freaking-bid I hold another baby in his presence.  Holy cow!  ‘No!  MY MOMMY!’ Like he becomes completely negated the moment another child touches me.  We went to visit friends with a cute little girl and I didn’t pick her up for hours so Evan would get used to her first.  His attention was focused on something else when I picked her up.  He saw me and wailed and tried to climb up my legs.  This could be an issue if we add another offspring to the fold. 

He talks like crazy.  He’ll hold entire conversations with me.  He won’t let me off with the fake answers I used to give him or the ‘because I said so’ routine.  He has a good hold on concepts in general and knows most of his letters on sight. (He does, however, refer to letters as E-E-Ohs.)  He used to be really on with his colors and numbers but he has been insisting lately that everything is blue.  We’ll go around the house often and I’ll ask him ‘What color is this?’ and he’ll try to figure it out.  One good lesson is watching Biggest Loser.  There are always bright colors on that show.  He spends it saying ‘Waa Color, Mommy?  Waa Color?’  Instead of saying, ‘Shhhhh! Mommy’s watching her show’, like I should be doing, I say, ‘You tell me.’ Then he’ll say, ‘Ummmmmm, bibbit.’ and laugh.

The Second

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It’s his birthday.  Today my son turned two.  Two.  That’s all.  It’s such a cozy little number.  There’s nothing big about it.  But, of course, it feels huge. 

It’s been longer than two years since I’ve loved him.  I’d spend evenings talking to him while he was inside, still growing.  Sometimes, no doubt, before he even developed ear drums.  I’m sure I looked like a crazy person, chatting to nothing.  Thank goodness no one could see that I was picturing him nodding along with my dialogue in my head.  I do the same now and he does nod along and he does answer me.  It’s normally in his style of gibberish or his fall back answers: Yeah-ess, No, or Whyyy. 

My goodness how he’s grown!  His father and I look at him, astounded.  At the same time we high-five each other for another year of giving him enough nourishment and care that he’s still around.  His life being a round track for us… the finish line marking a milestone in his journey which we celebrate but run right though to continue around the loop.  Dizzy and tired without a longing to rest.  Eager to see his next step.

Also mourning what has now come to pass.  It’s one of those things I hadn’t anticipated as a mother (you know, along with the eleventy thousand other things)… a sadness that we’ve reached another landmark in his life.  You know it from all the mothers crying after leaving their children at the bus stop or the school’s entrance for the first time.  So very freaking proud; so very freaking sad.  It’s my son’s birthday… Imma throw me a pity party now.

This is my favorite time yet.  Although, I said the same thing last year:

This year I told Evan that it’s my favorite time yet and he asked me “Whyyyyyy?”.  I laughed so hard I produced tears.  He looked confused.

We threw a party for Evan Sunday.  He had a good time all day long.  He was a little too eager to blow out his candle on his cake.  He also was very meticulous about gift opening at first.

Soon his friends showed him the real way to tear open presents.  Evan got into the swing of things real quick. 

So there it is.  A two year old.  Flying further away from needing me and growing a little too heavy to carry. 

Even still?  This is going to be the BEST YEAR YET!

My 22 Month Old…

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… OMG: two more months and he’s 2.  As in “ALIVE FOR TWO YEARS”.  Whoa.  I’m trying to teach him to say and show “2” when I ask him how old he is.  I figure it will take him a couple months to perfect it.

… is about 27lbs now.  And tall.  Really, really tall.  So tall I can’t remember how tall the pediatrician said measure him.  He’s all arms and legs.  And he knows how to kick and hit.  Hard.

… is talking up a storm… in evanspeak.  Somethings I can pick up: mommy, dada, help, ball, hat, eat, baba, caca (color / cracker / Lilah – not that he’s calling his girlfriend a cracker), apple, car, dog, truck, choo-choo, book, baby, Dora, Gaga (Yo Gabba Gabba), bye, coat, shoe, etc… and other stuff I can’t pick up.  He will look at me very serious-like and point at nothing in particular and say, “Ahbe meh saa”.  I’m all: “Wha?”  Evan: “AHBE MEH SAA!” and stab the air with his finger that’s pointing at nothing in particular.  “Speak English, Evan. Show me.”  He’ll run into another room with me not far behind and point at another nothing in particular, “AAHHH. BEE. MEEEEEEH. SAAAA!”  Still at a loss, I distract him with this question, “Want an apple?” “Yes!  App-ah! App-ah! Yes!”  Crisis averted.

understands almost everything you say.  This creeped me out a little.  If I was talking to him, I’d try to stick with words he knew.  I’d use simple phrases and show him a lot of things at the same time.  One day after he spent that last 2 hours whining about BYEBYE I said, “Fine.  Go get mommy’s shoes, purse and keys and we’ll leave.  I don’t know where, but we’ll go.”  Minutes later I look down at my son still screaming BYEBYE only this time he has my purse hanging off his shoulder, there is a pile of 3 pairs of my shoes and my car keys at his feet.  He managed to get his Crocs on too, albeit on the wrong feet. 

… will answer any question you ask him and try to do what you tell him to do.  Most answers to questions and requests to do things are “NO”.  Sigh.

… is just now getting into the picky eater phase.  When he started eating solids he would eat whatever you put in front of him.  Now he won’t even try most things.  You can let him sit in his highchair, you can wave a time-out possibility at him, you can do the flying airplane of food that flys into the mouth thing and nothing works.  HOWEVER.  I while ago I was eating a wonderful raspberry sorbet I wasn’t looking forward to sharing but couldn’t wait until bedtime.  Evan looked at it so I offered him a bite and he said, “NO!” and I said, “GOOD!”

… is kinda potty training.  I gets sat in there sometimes before bathtime and whenever he asks.  He has two books for the potty and I usually have to read them to him twice and then he will “read” them to me.   Then he wants to do Itsy Bitsy Spider and Wheels on the Bus over and over, (the horn part… no others.  Don’t even freaking THINK about talking about the damn wheels.  Beep!  Beep!  Beep!  Only!)  I bought some “big boy” undies with the intention of letting him run around the house in them and doing frequent potty breaks and using any accidents as a learning opportunity.  So I haven’t done that yet, but the intention is there.  That counts. 

… still gets a morning bottle and a bedtime bottle at home.  The morning bottle is going to be a tough one to break.  He’ll say BABA before his eyes are open.  Nothing like being woke up via amplified baby monitor to: “Ehhhhhbaaaabaaaa.  Ehhh… mah ba baaaaaaaaa.”

… has way too many toys.  He has a toy overflow room!  Not to mention his “Playroom” is my living room and my feet haven’t grown used to the legos yet.  Evan will help you pick up his toys… but then he will dump everything out again and put the container on his head and say, “HAT!”

… went raspberry pickin’.  Just me and him, Daddy was working.  It’s hard to pick berries whilst holding on to a toddler you guys.  And then when I told him that he had to pick the RIPE BERRIES?  Pfft!  It went downhill from there.  Luckily, they were serving cider slushies and that got me back into his good graces.

… is still in size 4 diapers and 24 month clothes… he’s getting DANGEROUSLY close to wearing 2T clothes.  He does wear some 2T jammies.  His 24 month pants adorabley fall down his legs all the time.  He’s a skinny guy.

… has a hand washing obsession.  If it’s quiet for too long I know to search the little downstairs half bath that houses his potty seat and booster steps.  He’s normally trying to get the soap to squirt on his hands or running the hot water at full blast with his hands in the flow. (!!!) I believe it’s time to turn down the temperature on the hot water tank.

… is taking showers lately.  With Mommy or Dada of course.  He does pretty good.  If you tell him to wash himself he washes his hands *eyeroll* or rubs his soapy hands on his belly and then attempts to stick his pushed out belly in the water stream.  Why isn’t he using a washcloth, you ask?  Well, I’ll answer.  He doesn’t like them maybe?  I don’t know.  He has no problem with us using it on him, but don’t you dare let it float around in the tub or hand it to him in the shower.  EGADS!  The whines go up about 10 decibel if you do that nonsense.

… has a problem with my singing.  I’m no Beyonce or anything but DAMN!  The minute I bob my head in the car and start mumbling, “Mah telephone… mah, mah, mah telephone”, Evan shouts: “MOMMY!”  I’ll stop and say WHAT and he’ll give me a look like don’t ever do that again. So I do what I’m told not to do (probably not a good example for Evan) and turn up the radio and sing louder: “MAH TELEPHONE… MAH, MAH, MAH TELEPHONE… When I’m out in the club and I’m sippin’ that bub then I’m not gonna reach MAH TELEPHONE!”  Evan screams: “MOOOOMMMMEEEEE!!!! NOOO!!!!  No, Mommy!!!”  The look… the horror.  I’m gonna be a great mom to a teenager.  *rubs hands together in an evil manner*

… had his first carnival ride.  He rode a horse that went up and down on a ferris wheel.  I think he enjoyed it.  I hung onto him for dear life and made all of the “OOOOOoooooOOH!  WHOA!  Cool!  This is fun!” sounds to make sure he didn’t freak the hell out. 

… is growing up just too darn fast.  I say this all the time but it’s true.  I want to make another Evan.  Once this one can change diapers and cook a proper meal of course.

My 18 Month Old…

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(AKA: My One and a Half Year Old for those who aren’t into the whole month thing after Year One.  I’ll be over the whole month thing after Year Two.)

(I’m going to pretend that I haven’t been absent for 3 months, do you wanna do it with me?  AWESOME.)

… has words.  They are his own and some mean different things and some mean the same thing.  His favorite word is MAMA!  This is great, no?  Umm: NO.  Mama doesn’t mean Mom, it means MINE.  This is what gets screamed from the top of his lungs when we take something from him.  As in: MAMA BOOK!  MAMA BOOK!  As I take MY book away from his page tearing little fingers.  At first I thought he was saying it was MOMMY’s book, but he’s saying, “MY BOOK! GIVE ME BACK MY DAMN BOOK WOMAN!”  So some other words: Baba and Eat (They mean the same thing), Book, Ball, Dada (interchangeable for Mommy and Daddy), Dog, No (another favorite), Uh oh (used for all purposes) and some others.  He says most everything we ask him to say and he seems to understand every word we utter.  I can say, “Let’s change your butt!” and he will walk up to me with wipes. 

… is still a Yo Gabba Gabba freak.  If he wakes up in the morning before I’m ready for work he watches Yo Gabba Gabba (Or “GaGa” Evan-Speech) with his bottle.  He tries to make “Funny Faces” when that segment comes on and attempts to answer when they ask a question (What color is a fire engine? “Ehh!”).   Baby Einstein DVDs are a close second.  If you don’t know what Yo Gabba Gabba is, you are a pure soul and don’t go YouTubing it because it hurts bwainz.

… has 6 and two halfs teeth.  Four top and center and the adorable little bottom two.  He’s currently working on 2 molars and he’s crewing on his poor hands and tongue night and day.  (Also: if you like your fingers, don’t stick them in his mouth)

… has a new smile for when the camera come out.  SQUINTY-EYE-MOUTH-WIDE-OPEN SMILE!  (This crushes my photographer soul that has gone into hiding and won’t find its way out until I get my BRAND!NEW!CAMERA! hopefully sometime soon – I want to see those big blue eyes!)

(OK so he’s pretty effing cute with this smile too.)

… still gets rocked to sleep kinda.  He doesn’t need it.  I can put him to bed tired and awake.  It’s for my sanity.  I like to rock my wittle boy!  Problem is he’s not so little anymore.  He can barely get comfy on me anymore.  I get lots of just-put-me-in-my-crib-already looks.

… will eat more if you let him eat like a big boy.  Give him a spoon, fork and bowl.  Let him eat anywhere but the high chair.  Have him eat whatever you’re eating.  Or give him Mac ‘n Cheese… he’ll eat more that way too.

… walks, runs, jumps, climbs, falls and does it all over again.  He has little fear and if he has seen you or some of the “big kids” at day care do something he must do it as well.  He was practicing standing on a toy and jumping off but he didn’t have the jumping part down yet.  So he was just stepping off and falling.  He thought it was hilarious.  I wondered if his bones were made out of rubber.  Between some “No, Evan.  Stop!  Get down.”‘s he “jump”ed off the toy and his jaw hit the floor just enough to hurt his sore gums.  He stuck his hand in his mouth and whine-cried.  You know the whine-cry.  I said, “I told you so” like I’m supposed to and tried not to run over and baby him.  Finally, he came over to me and wanted to be picked up and comforted.  After he was all better (a good 45 seconds) he calmly walked over to the toy AGAIN!  Seriously, Evan?  You’re going to get hurt again!  But he didn’t climb on it… he hit it as hard as he could and walked away.  Wayne was in hysterics!  Sometimes he has a laugh he can’t control and his face turns all red; I call it “A State”.  I told Evan he put Daddy in A State.  Evan laughed along with him.

… is in size 4 diapers and almost out of his 18 month clothes.  I have a complete 24 month wardrobe as well as a complete 2T wardrobe and the more I look at the two the more I think they are the same size.  Also Evan has more 24 month short sleeve polos than he can wear while he’s that size.  I’m not even going to have to wash them.  Hooray!  No laundry!

… loves to dance and clap.  If someone else is doing either he will join along.  I’m trying to get him into singing.  He can Doooo-doooo-dooo with the best of ’em.

… is going to LAS VEGAS in about a month.  I told him, “No drinking, no gambling, and no picking up ho’s” and then he told me he didn’t want to go if that was the case.  We’re going for Stephanie‘s wedding!  GLITTER SHOWERS!  Wayne and Evan will be at the pool a lot while there.  We were sure to get a hotel with awesome water holes.  I will be sitting in the shade in jeans and a t-shirt.  I might wear flip-flops.  Maybe.  We get to take a 4 hour plane ride with a 19 month-old on our laps.  yay.  I think I’m going to try to get back to Arizona to see my Grandmother on her birthday (April 30th).  I don’t know if I can bring Evan or not.  He was a handful at 9 months by myself.  I can’t imagine another 10 months added on that.  That’s like 10 months of pounds and stubbornness and back talk he’s learned.  I don’t think I’d be able to stop the other passengers from killing me if that were the case. 

… has too many toys!  I never understood that statement until now.  Cripes.  I’m buying PJs for all birthday presents from now on.  I don’t want to add to another parents misery!  This of course doesn’t stop me from wanting to buy every toy I see for him.  I try to remember the 3 rooms of toys he has and the thought usually goes away.

… had a cough for MONTHS.  So mysterious.  Mostly at night.  I didn’t know if it was allergies or asthma or nothing or we were imagining it.  A second opinion doctor refered us to a pediatric pulmonologist.  A couple weeks before the appointment Evan got pneumonia.  (It crushes my heart to even remember it.)  After the illness the cough disappeared.  We even cancelled the appointment.  So the cure for mysterious cough is pneumonia!  Tell your friends!  (No it’s not you people who got to my blog from looking up “Cure for mysterious cough”, see a doctor or two.)

… has a Mother with a theory.  I believe that as time goes by you love your child even more.  I’ve noticed this in myself and I’m terrified it’s true.  Is this a fact??  I can hardly stand it right now!  Will him coming home with a tattoo or getting detention counteract this at some point?  He owns me (is it proper to use “He pwns me” here? I’ve never got that one).  I am so screwed.

What a difference a year makes.

My 11 Month Old…

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… will not be 11 months old in less than a week.  He will be 1 year.  HOLD. ME.

… eats people food.  Every night I come home from work I set up shop in the Kitchen and chop up veggies and fruit and cheese and meats.  I make a huge plate for his dinner and pack his wee lunch for the next day at day care.  Kitchen and I don’t know each other very well, and frankly I think Kitchen is very much shocked to see me so often.  Evan will lazily fist his various food cubes and shove them into his mouth.  At first, he would just clean his tray.  Now he picks food in this order: Carbs, Meats, Cheeses, Fruit, Veggies.  This starts now?  Already?  I haven’t even had him a ye… oh right.

… is being pushed between parents.  We stand him up and “encourage” him to walk to the other parent.  You know, “Go see mommy!” *shove*.  OK so we don’t shove him really.  He cracks up as he does 1 of 3 things.  1) Dives for the other parent’s arms.  2) Sits so he can crawl over there.  3) WALKS.  (More like: stumble/tumble/trip-trip)  It will happen soon. 

… just had his first Pink Eye experience.  And I just had my first Pink Eye experience.  Still having it maybe?  We are all at Mongolian BBQ (umm, drool) on Friday night… the first going out we’ve had in a while… and Evan’s eyes keep gooping.  The next day, the other eye starts gooping.  Pink Eye.  I took him to the After Hours Clinic only because I wanted to start him on eye drops ASAP so I could go to work hopefully maybe on Monday.  God hates me and/or After Hours Clinics because I very literally walked into 3 closed offices before I walked into the correct one.  (Yes Evan, you are getting strapped in AGAIN.  There!  We’ve driven 3 feet… let’s get out and try THIS door!)  And eye drops!?  THAT WOULD BE TOO EASY.  No, I gots me some eye OINTMENT!  That I had to shove in my son’s LOWER EYELID.  THREE TIMES A DAY!  I shouldn’t be focusing on my trauma from this because, “Awww, poor EVAN!” but damnit squeezing a solid onto your baby’s eyeball is HEARTBREAKING. 

… has decided that sleeping in Mommy and Daddy’s bed is the bee’s knees.  I’ve become that MommySlave creature I’ve always heard about.  Bottle.  Reading.  Rocking.  Singing.  Tiptoe to nursery.  Enjoy the 10 minutes of silence before I pass out.  Wake up at midnight to get crying baby out of crib.  Lay kicky baby that can’t seem to get comfy without kicking you in the face beside you.  Soothe said child so he can fall back asleep.  Sleep (kinda sorta in a is-my-baby-going-to-fall-out-of-the-bed kinda way). 

… will stare at you like a dog while you eat.  He hasn’t given into whining just yet… but I see it coming.  Maybe I can loose some weight with this issue.

… umm, sorta says mama only knowing it kinda makes me happy but doesn’t really know how to put it into context?  Is this going to be like the smiling thing?  I’m supposed to know the date that he started smiling/talking?  Isn’t it kinda a gradual thing?  Question mark?

… went to his girlfriend’s birthday party.  He had a great time.  He tried to open her presents.  Crawled under standing people so momma couldn’t catch him.  Played “Open and Close the Door” with his girlfriend’s parent’s bedroom’s door for a good half hour.  Played with a kitchen set.  Tried to kiss his girlfriend’s cousin.  Good times. 

… is in size 3 diapers and 12 month clothes.  Momma is trying to resist the urge to wash all the 18 month clothes and hang them up next week.  I got a short lived fix by pulling out all the 18 month PJs.  THEY FIT HIM.

… got his first hair cut… butyoualreadyknowthis.

… still only has two teeth.  Which is just fine because those two teeth are flippin’ adorable. 

… is not so obsessed with House anymore.  I blame USA.  The network and not the nation.  Well, maybe the nation a little bit.  They are not airing House episodes.  I DVR’d (I almost typed ‘recorded’ and it sounded so wrong in my head) a House episode and I was all excited when the theme music came on and he didn’t even turn to look at the TV.  Bummer.  Damn you, USA.

… likes freaking Yo Gabba Gabba.  Stares at Yo Gabba Gabba.  Dances to Ya Gabba Gabba.  I got about 30 minutes of work done while I was home with him during the PEE (Pink Eye Episode).  He was SITTING ON THE COUCH QUIETLY WATCHING YO GABBA GABBA.  That shit’s just WEIRD.  Everything about it is freaking strange.  If he didn’t seem so engaged about hugging and being happy I would have bought a Yo Gabba Gabba doll to set on fire in front of him to make a point.  Yo Gabba Gabba = Bad-catching-on-fire-burny-stabby-pain-STOP-NOW. 

… had his first face-first fall.  (Say that 5 times fast, ba-dum-dum)  We were playing on the couch (I know) and he was just laughing at me and being good and then I gave him a little kiss and he cracks up and FROG LAUNCHES OFF THE COUCH!  Like a kiss from mommy is so funny and so I-WANNA-PLUNGE-TO-MY-DEATH all at the same time.  It only took about 2 minutes to stop the screamies.  Then he began to laugh at mommy replicating the “Get the mosquito off Dance”.  (That always works)  Then he took a nap while mommy woke him up every minute to check for comas and concussions.

… has an over-sentimental mommy.  Don’t believe me?  Go read the rest of my blog.  No, really… I’ll wait.  SEE?  Need more proof.  Remember that Puff I found in my purse over a month ago?  IT’S STILL THERE!  (and not because I haven’t cleaned out my purse)  Go ahead, judge me.  Se if I ca… oh please don’t judge me!  Take your judgey eyes and get an Evan fix:


Picture 2660


My 10 Month Old…

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… is TEN MONTHS OLD!  10.  1.0.  That’s, like, TWO digits!  The month after next contains his birthday.  As in, the anniversary of his BIRTH.  SOB.  Moving on.

… crawls like the wind.  Crawls like he’s on wheels.  Crawls like someone’s chasing him.  Crawls like he’s about to get into someth… “Evan!  Stop that!  Put that down right now!  No, no, no, no!”

… will eat solids.  Like, real people food.  I can even place food on his tray and he will clench his little fist around it.  Then he sticks his entire fist in his mouth, opens up his hand and chews up his slobbery goodness.

… is being a momma’sboy.  BUT DOES HE SAY MAMA?  Ah, no.  When he wants me it seems like he says something to the effect of, “Aaaaaamamamaaaaa”, but I can’t be sure if he calling for me or if I’m having some sort of Mommy Delusion.

… is being a momma’s boy.  Refocus: He wants mommy.  When he sees me he smiles or whines because I haven’t picked him up yet.  A few days ago, Evan was crawling over to a ‘place that he should not be getting into’ and Wayne kept telling him, “No Evan.” Finally he got irritated and went face down temper-tantrum-style onto the carpet.  He proceeded to scream and kick and we let him for a while.  Wayne finally picked him up to comfort him but he proceeded to scream and kick.  I grabbed him from Wayne and he stops crying, sits up and smiles at Wayne.  Wayne was a wee bit pissed.  He may have flipped the baby off.  It might have just been a gang sign though.  I’m never sure.

Picture 2634

… waved bye-bye to me the other day.  I’m sure he was just imitating me but I totally had a “OMG WHY DO I LEAVE MY BABY EVERYDAY” moment and had to collect myself in the car before I drove off. 

… will play Hide and Seek with you.  He’ll take the blanket and put it over his head and keep it there until you say, “Where’s Evan?” then he pull it down fast.  It is so adorable and shows his GENIUS everywhere!  (Oh.  Your kid does it too.  Well, hmpf)

… is in the middle of his second TEETHING TIME OF DOOOOOM!  (Or TToD)  Oh the whining.  And the fevers.  And the slobber.  And the WHINING!  ACK!  If this TToD is like the last TToD then he will stop his symptoms all together and the teeth will pop right out the next day. 

Picture 2639 copy

… gives kisses.  Aww, right?  No.  He’ll get the concentration face on, all serious like, and zero in on your cheek.  Next he will open up his mouth as wide as it gets and plant it on your cheek.  He’ll wait until he believes the correct amount of slobber has been transplanted onto your face and he will move back and go about his business.  COMPLETELY SERIOUS THE ENTIRE TIME.  I then say/gag, “Aww, kisses!” as I wipe my cheek off.  Sometimes he misses and gets the nose.  Beware.  If this happens, he will bite.  HARD.

… went to his first birthday party this past weekend.  Stephanie‘s boys, Elliot and Wes.  There be pirates, arrrrg!

Picture 2629

… has a mommy that just entered the OFFICIAL MOMMY CLUB.  I found a Puff in my purse.  That’s right.  My kid’s snack ended up in mah purse.  And I’m not to proud to admit that I put it right back.  I’m WAY too attached to this mommy thing.

My 9 Month Old…

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… CRAWLS!  He crawls!  He’s crawling.  He just started a couple days ago… but I had to list this first because CRAWLING!  His favorite thing to do is to crawl up to something he can pull himself up to.  Like my coffee table.  And then he crews on it.  Because apparently WOOD=YUM.

… still has just 2 teeth.  I believe he is currently working on a couple more.  He gets his teeth/gums brushed nightly.  He lurves it.  He thinks it’s funny.  Or it tickles.  He didn’t say.

… still will not say mama.  *whimper*  If I say, “Say MA MA” he’ll say, “DAA DAA DAA DADADA DAAAAAAA!”  If he’s looking to make me happy he’ll say, “maaaDAAADAAADAAA!” 

… does have a new word: “Uh oh” (as in “OH NOES!”)  He hasn’t a clue what it means he just likes saying it.  Normally, he’ll say something like “*GRUNT!* oh.” or “*insert loud choking sound here* oh.”  or  “*COUGH* oh.”  It’s cute because he’ll still use the sing song-y tune and repeat it when you say it.

… holds his bottle when he eats.  This makes mommy squirm.  He’s not very neat and he’ll take it out of his mouth occasionally so he can admire the bottle and laugh at it.  Bottles drip, y’all.  On faces and clothes and carpet and everything.  Wayne sees me holding Evan and rolls his eyes and says, “He can do it himself, Amber”  And I say something lame like, “But he won’t eat as much!” and leave out the, “Because the carpet will drink it!” bit.

Picture 2510

… went to the zoo for the first time.  Not sure how many animals he actually saw… BUT! went to the zoo!  He did like the little polar bear/seal tunnel:


… got himself his first real booboo.  He was at daycare and was trying to pull himself up (STOP THAT!) on a big toy and it fell over on top of him.  He seemed just fine.  He let me poke at it and everything.  It’s on his fo’head, see?


… is eating some ‘soild’ food.  He’s been getting pieces of veggie crackers at daycare and just yesterday I broke up some Yogurt Bites for him.  I did split the 1/2 inch ‘bite’ into 6 pieces though.  I’m just too scared to put anything solid into his mouth!  Isn’t my job to make sure he DOESN’T put anything into his mouth??

… got his big boy car seat.  ohmygodmybigboysniff.  I, being the typical paranoid first time mother that I am, went out and bought the most expensive one at the local Babies ‘r Us.  When I was researching them a few months back, the one I got was the top ranked one on Consumer Reports.  When I checked back after is was installed, let’s just say it was no longer at the top.  Super-Procrastinating-Daddy hadn’t put it in so I went out to do it myself.  Mistake.  I just about blew my lid.  I couldn’t get it perfect and it had to be perfect and the damn belt wasn’t lining up with the damn arrows and I’ll be damned if those stickers shouldn’t be removed and placed where I wanted them like a Rubik Cube.  Wayne was mowing the lawn at the time and saw stream raising from my head and told me he would take care of it. 


… is in 12 Month clothes and 2-3 size Pamper Swaddlers.  This is the largest size of Swaddlers that they have and I’m so very sad about it.  They’re so soft and… soft.  It’s all he’s ever been in.  Ever since his first day ever.

… is growing so fast and I am completely NOT digging it.  He’s flirting with women and is crawling too fast.  Although, when he puts down a toy, turns around to look at me for no reason at all, smiles, crawls towards me and pulls himself up on my leg because he wants me to hold him… IT’S. ALL. WORTH. IT.  No question.


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