My 18 Month Old…

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(AKA: My One and a Half Year Old for those who aren’t into the whole month thing after Year One.  I’ll be over the whole month thing after Year Two.)

(I’m going to pretend that I haven’t been absent for 3 months, do you wanna do it with me?  AWESOME.)

… has words.  They are his own and some mean different things and some mean the same thing.  His favorite word is MAMA!  This is great, no?  Umm: NO.  Mama doesn’t mean Mom, it means MINE.  This is what gets screamed from the top of his lungs when we take something from him.  As in: MAMA BOOK!  MAMA BOOK!  As I take MY book away from his page tearing little fingers.  At first I thought he was saying it was MOMMY’s book, but he’s saying, “MY BOOK! GIVE ME BACK MY DAMN BOOK WOMAN!”  So some other words: Baba and Eat (They mean the same thing), Book, Ball, Dada (interchangeable for Mommy and Daddy), Dog, No (another favorite), Uh oh (used for all purposes) and some others.  He says most everything we ask him to say and he seems to understand every word we utter.  I can say, “Let’s change your butt!” and he will walk up to me with wipes. 

… is still a Yo Gabba Gabba freak.  If he wakes up in the morning before I’m ready for work he watches Yo Gabba Gabba (Or “GaGa” Evan-Speech) with his bottle.  He tries to make “Funny Faces” when that segment comes on and attempts to answer when they ask a question (What color is a fire engine? “Ehh!”).   Baby Einstein DVDs are a close second.  If you don’t know what Yo Gabba Gabba is, you are a pure soul and don’t go YouTubing it because it hurts bwainz.

… has 6 and two halfs teeth.  Four top and center and the adorable little bottom two.  He’s currently working on 2 molars and he’s crewing on his poor hands and tongue night and day.  (Also: if you like your fingers, don’t stick them in his mouth)

… has a new smile for when the camera come out.  SQUINTY-EYE-MOUTH-WIDE-OPEN SMILE!  (This crushes my photographer soul that has gone into hiding and won’t find its way out until I get my BRAND!NEW!CAMERA! hopefully sometime soon – I want to see those big blue eyes!)

(OK so he’s pretty effing cute with this smile too.)

… still gets rocked to sleep kinda.  He doesn’t need it.  I can put him to bed tired and awake.  It’s for my sanity.  I like to rock my wittle boy!  Problem is he’s not so little anymore.  He can barely get comfy on me anymore.  I get lots of just-put-me-in-my-crib-already looks.

… will eat more if you let him eat like a big boy.  Give him a spoon, fork and bowl.  Let him eat anywhere but the high chair.  Have him eat whatever you’re eating.  Or give him Mac ‘n Cheese… he’ll eat more that way too.

… walks, runs, jumps, climbs, falls and does it all over again.  He has little fear and if he has seen you or some of the “big kids” at day care do something he must do it as well.  He was practicing standing on a toy and jumping off but he didn’t have the jumping part down yet.  So he was just stepping off and falling.  He thought it was hilarious.  I wondered if his bones were made out of rubber.  Between some “No, Evan.  Stop!  Get down.”‘s he “jump”ed off the toy and his jaw hit the floor just enough to hurt his sore gums.  He stuck his hand in his mouth and whine-cried.  You know the whine-cry.  I said, “I told you so” like I’m supposed to and tried not to run over and baby him.  Finally, he came over to me and wanted to be picked up and comforted.  After he was all better (a good 45 seconds) he calmly walked over to the toy AGAIN!  Seriously, Evan?  You’re going to get hurt again!  But he didn’t climb on it… he hit it as hard as he could and walked away.  Wayne was in hysterics!  Sometimes he has a laugh he can’t control and his face turns all red; I call it “A State”.  I told Evan he put Daddy in A State.  Evan laughed along with him.

… is in size 4 diapers and almost out of his 18 month clothes.  I have a complete 24 month wardrobe as well as a complete 2T wardrobe and the more I look at the two the more I think they are the same size.  Also Evan has more 24 month short sleeve polos than he can wear while he’s that size.  I’m not even going to have to wash them.  Hooray!  No laundry!

… loves to dance and clap.  If someone else is doing either he will join along.  I’m trying to get him into singing.  He can Doooo-doooo-dooo with the best of ’em.

… is going to LAS VEGAS in about a month.  I told him, “No drinking, no gambling, and no picking up ho’s” and then he told me he didn’t want to go if that was the case.  We’re going for Stephanie‘s wedding!  GLITTER SHOWERS!  Wayne and Evan will be at the pool a lot while there.  We were sure to get a hotel with awesome water holes.  I will be sitting in the shade in jeans and a t-shirt.  I might wear flip-flops.  Maybe.  We get to take a 4 hour plane ride with a 19 month-old on our laps.  yay.  I think I’m going to try to get back to Arizona to see my Grandmother on her birthday (April 30th).  I don’t know if I can bring Evan or not.  He was a handful at 9 months by myself.  I can’t imagine another 10 months added on that.  That’s like 10 months of pounds and stubbornness and back talk he’s learned.  I don’t think I’d be able to stop the other passengers from killing me if that were the case. 

… has too many toys!  I never understood that statement until now.  Cripes.  I’m buying PJs for all birthday presents from now on.  I don’t want to add to another parents misery!  This of course doesn’t stop me from wanting to buy every toy I see for him.  I try to remember the 3 rooms of toys he has and the thought usually goes away.

… had a cough for MONTHS.  So mysterious.  Mostly at night.  I didn’t know if it was allergies or asthma or nothing or we were imagining it.  A second opinion doctor refered us to a pediatric pulmonologist.  A couple weeks before the appointment Evan got pneumonia.  (It crushes my heart to even remember it.)  After the illness the cough disappeared.  We even cancelled the appointment.  So the cure for mysterious cough is pneumonia!  Tell your friends!  (No it’s not you people who got to my blog from looking up “Cure for mysterious cough”, see a doctor or two.)

… has a Mother with a theory.  I believe that as time goes by you love your child even more.  I’ve noticed this in myself and I’m terrified it’s true.  Is this a fact??  I can hardly stand it right now!  Will him coming home with a tattoo or getting detention counteract this at some point?  He owns me (is it proper to use “He pwns me” here? I’ve never got that one).  I am so screwed.

What a difference a year makes.



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  1. Amber, he is adorable!! Thank you for sharing! I hope ya’ll have a good time in Vegas..I’ve yet to travel with my twins, so I have no advice, lol. Everything sounds amazing..miss you!


  2. He is so cute! Liam has those blue Vans too, we love them!

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