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October 19, 2009 at 3:36 pm | Posted in Baby Weight (Evan) | Leave a comment

I am in full blown denial. I’ll be asked, “Is Evan walking yet?”

I’ll say, “Ehh” and then do a little see-saw motion with my hands. 

Truth is: He’s a walker.  He’s slowly entering expert status.  He turns mid-walk and has bent down to pick something up from the floor and runs when he knows I’m after him because he’s about to get into something he shouldn’t.

When he first started it was more like Wayne and I pushing Evan back and forth between us.  We’d clap and go, “YAY!  EVAN!” and he would get all excited and launch himself between us.  Then he started walking from toy to toy.  Then he started to walk with no preconceived destination.  That walk always looked like the walk displayed below:


c/o this guy.

Always with the arms swaying straight up in the air.  Always with the far, teeter-totter stance and the tongue stuck out in deep concentration.  He’s a bit less hairy.  Now. 

Lately he’s gotten his stuff together.  Let me paint a clearer picture for you:


c/o this chick.

His arms are no longer swaying over his head but they are steady sticking out at his sides like he’s walking a tight rope.  His head his down a little ready to catch himself if he falls and his feet try to grip any toy that may be in his way that he cannot see because he’s looking straight at his destination.

His destination is normally the Stuff He Should Not Be Touching.  The SHSNBT consists of:

  • The only two remaining remotes that are mine and definitely NOT the remotes that are his and do not contain batteries.  Those are lame.
  • My new Blackberry that now has teethmarks gouged in it.  My old phone that he has full access to freaking sux.
  • The TV.  If he pushed on it hard enough maybe it will fall over!  That would be fun!
  • The VCR.  That he knows how to turn on and off, eject and retract and push.  Fall over with the TV!
  • The cable box.  My love.  My cable.  Look at that cute little red recording light for the DVR!  Let’s see if we can make it go away!  Mom won’t care if Glee erases half way though. Noooo.
  • The plug to mommy’s entire sane-making-machine.  I’ve turned the corner to Evan holding the pulled-out plug.  Look Mommy!  It detaches!  How cool is that?!

If he escapes the confines of that which is the blocked off living room/play room combo, the SHSNBT is the stairs.  The set going down is gated, ’cause we good parents and shit… but the ones going up are not* (because, um. yeah.).  He beelines it straight to those stairs like he’s been walking for years and climbs them.  Expertly.  Calmly.  With a quickness. 

(*Evan is not able to run about the house.  He is trapped in the living room/play room combo which does not include stairs.  Wayne and I are just too paranoid to let him have run of the house just yet.  Even then we are always around to yell, “NO!” and to be ignored.)


*Not shown walking because Evan is a baby and babies don’t walk and I am in denial.


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