My 11 Month Old…

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… will not be 11 months old in less than a week.  He will be 1 year.  HOLD. ME.

… eats people food.  Every night I come home from work I set up shop in the Kitchen and chop up veggies and fruit and cheese and meats.  I make a huge plate for his dinner and pack his wee lunch for the next day at day care.  Kitchen and I don’t know each other very well, and frankly I think Kitchen is very much shocked to see me so often.  Evan will lazily fist his various food cubes and shove them into his mouth.  At first, he would just clean his tray.  Now he picks food in this order: Carbs, Meats, Cheeses, Fruit, Veggies.  This starts now?  Already?  I haven’t even had him a ye… oh right.

… is being pushed between parents.  We stand him up and “encourage” him to walk to the other parent.  You know, “Go see mommy!” *shove*.  OK so we don’t shove him really.  He cracks up as he does 1 of 3 things.  1) Dives for the other parent’s arms.  2) Sits so he can crawl over there.  3) WALKS.  (More like: stumble/tumble/trip-trip)  It will happen soon. 

… just had his first Pink Eye experience.  And I just had my first Pink Eye experience.  Still having it maybe?  We are all at Mongolian BBQ (umm, drool) on Friday night… the first going out we’ve had in a while… and Evan’s eyes keep gooping.  The next day, the other eye starts gooping.  Pink Eye.  I took him to the After Hours Clinic only because I wanted to start him on eye drops ASAP so I could go to work hopefully maybe on Monday.  God hates me and/or After Hours Clinics because I very literally walked into 3 closed offices before I walked into the correct one.  (Yes Evan, you are getting strapped in AGAIN.  There!  We’ve driven 3 feet… let’s get out and try THIS door!)  And eye drops!?  THAT WOULD BE TOO EASY.  No, I gots me some eye OINTMENT!  That I had to shove in my son’s LOWER EYELID.  THREE TIMES A DAY!  I shouldn’t be focusing on my trauma from this because, “Awww, poor EVAN!” but damnit squeezing a solid onto your baby’s eyeball is HEARTBREAKING. 

… has decided that sleeping in Mommy and Daddy’s bed is the bee’s knees.  I’ve become that MommySlave creature I’ve always heard about.  Bottle.  Reading.  Rocking.  Singing.  Tiptoe to nursery.  Enjoy the 10 minutes of silence before I pass out.  Wake up at midnight to get crying baby out of crib.  Lay kicky baby that can’t seem to get comfy without kicking you in the face beside you.  Soothe said child so he can fall back asleep.  Sleep (kinda sorta in a is-my-baby-going-to-fall-out-of-the-bed kinda way). 

… will stare at you like a dog while you eat.  He hasn’t given into whining just yet… but I see it coming.  Maybe I can loose some weight with this issue.

… umm, sorta says mama only knowing it kinda makes me happy but doesn’t really know how to put it into context?  Is this going to be like the smiling thing?  I’m supposed to know the date that he started smiling/talking?  Isn’t it kinda a gradual thing?  Question mark?

… went to his girlfriend’s birthday party.  He had a great time.  He tried to open her presents.  Crawled under standing people so momma couldn’t catch him.  Played “Open and Close the Door” with his girlfriend’s parent’s bedroom’s door for a good half hour.  Played with a kitchen set.  Tried to kiss his girlfriend’s cousin.  Good times. 

… is in size 3 diapers and 12 month clothes.  Momma is trying to resist the urge to wash all the 18 month clothes and hang them up next week.  I got a short lived fix by pulling out all the 18 month PJs.  THEY FIT HIM.

… got his first hair cut… butyoualreadyknowthis.

… still only has two teeth.  Which is just fine because those two teeth are flippin’ adorable. 

… is not so obsessed with House anymore.  I blame USA.  The network and not the nation.  Well, maybe the nation a little bit.  They are not airing House episodes.  I DVR’d (I almost typed ‘recorded’ and it sounded so wrong in my head) a House episode and I was all excited when the theme music came on and he didn’t even turn to look at the TV.  Bummer.  Damn you, USA.

… likes freaking Yo Gabba Gabba.  Stares at Yo Gabba Gabba.  Dances to Ya Gabba Gabba.  I got about 30 minutes of work done while I was home with him during the PEE (Pink Eye Episode).  He was SITTING ON THE COUCH QUIETLY WATCHING YO GABBA GABBA.  That shit’s just WEIRD.  Everything about it is freaking strange.  If he didn’t seem so engaged about hugging and being happy I would have bought a Yo Gabba Gabba doll to set on fire in front of him to make a point.  Yo Gabba Gabba = Bad-catching-on-fire-burny-stabby-pain-STOP-NOW. 

… had his first face-first fall.  (Say that 5 times fast, ba-dum-dum)  We were playing on the couch (I know) and he was just laughing at me and being good and then I gave him a little kiss and he cracks up and FROG LAUNCHES OFF THE COUCH!  Like a kiss from mommy is so funny and so I-WANNA-PLUNGE-TO-MY-DEATH all at the same time.  It only took about 2 minutes to stop the screamies.  Then he began to laugh at mommy replicating the “Get the mosquito off Dance”.  (That always works)  Then he took a nap while mommy woke him up every minute to check for comas and concussions.

… has an over-sentimental mommy.  Don’t believe me?  Go read the rest of my blog.  No, really… I’ll wait.  SEE?  Need more proof.  Remember that Puff I found in my purse over a month ago?  IT’S STILL THERE!  (and not because I haven’t cleaned out my purse)  Go ahead, judge me.  Se if I ca… oh please don’t judge me!  Take your judgey eyes and get an Evan fix:


Picture 2660



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