My 10 Month Old…

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… is TEN MONTHS OLD!  10.  1.0.  That’s, like, TWO digits!  The month after next contains his birthday.  As in, the anniversary of his BIRTH.  SOB.  Moving on.

… crawls like the wind.  Crawls like he’s on wheels.  Crawls like someone’s chasing him.  Crawls like he’s about to get into someth… “Evan!  Stop that!  Put that down right now!  No, no, no, no!”

… will eat solids.  Like, real people food.  I can even place food on his tray and he will clench his little fist around it.  Then he sticks his entire fist in his mouth, opens up his hand and chews up his slobbery goodness.

… is being a momma’sboy.  BUT DOES HE SAY MAMA?  Ah, no.  When he wants me it seems like he says something to the effect of, “Aaaaaamamamaaaaa”, but I can’t be sure if he calling for me or if I’m having some sort of Mommy Delusion.

… is being a momma’s boy.  Refocus: He wants mommy.  When he sees me he smiles or whines because I haven’t picked him up yet.  A few days ago, Evan was crawling over to a ‘place that he should not be getting into’ and Wayne kept telling him, “No Evan.” Finally he got irritated and went face down temper-tantrum-style onto the carpet.  He proceeded to scream and kick and we let him for a while.  Wayne finally picked him up to comfort him but he proceeded to scream and kick.  I grabbed him from Wayne and he stops crying, sits up and smiles at Wayne.  Wayne was a wee bit pissed.  He may have flipped the baby off.  It might have just been a gang sign though.  I’m never sure.

Picture 2634

… waved bye-bye to me the other day.  I’m sure he was just imitating me but I totally had a “OMG WHY DO I LEAVE MY BABY EVERYDAY” moment and had to collect myself in the car before I drove off. 

… will play Hide and Seek with you.  He’ll take the blanket and put it over his head and keep it there until you say, “Where’s Evan?” then he pull it down fast.  It is so adorable and shows his GENIUS everywhere!  (Oh.  Your kid does it too.  Well, hmpf)

… is in the middle of his second TEETHING TIME OF DOOOOOM!  (Or TToD)  Oh the whining.  And the fevers.  And the slobber.  And the WHINING!  ACK!  If this TToD is like the last TToD then he will stop his symptoms all together and the teeth will pop right out the next day. 

Picture 2639 copy

… gives kisses.  Aww, right?  No.  He’ll get the concentration face on, all serious like, and zero in on your cheek.  Next he will open up his mouth as wide as it gets and plant it on your cheek.  He’ll wait until he believes the correct amount of slobber has been transplanted onto your face and he will move back and go about his business.  COMPLETELY SERIOUS THE ENTIRE TIME.  I then say/gag, “Aww, kisses!” as I wipe my cheek off.  Sometimes he misses and gets the nose.  Beware.  If this happens, he will bite.  HARD.

… went to his first birthday party this past weekend.  Stephanie‘s boys, Elliot and Wes.  There be pirates, arrrrg!

Picture 2629

… has a mommy that just entered the OFFICIAL MOMMY CLUB.  I found a Puff in my purse.  That’s right.  My kid’s snack ended up in mah purse.  And I’m not to proud to admit that I put it right back.  I’m WAY too attached to this mommy thing.

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