My 9 Month Old…

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… CRAWLS!  He crawls!  He’s crawling.  He just started a couple days ago… but I had to list this first because CRAWLING!  His favorite thing to do is to crawl up to something he can pull himself up to.  Like my coffee table.  And then he crews on it.  Because apparently WOOD=YUM.

… still has just 2 teeth.  I believe he is currently working on a couple more.  He gets his teeth/gums brushed nightly.  He lurves it.  He thinks it’s funny.  Or it tickles.  He didn’t say.

… still will not say mama.  *whimper*  If I say, “Say MA MA” he’ll say, “DAA DAA DAA DADADA DAAAAAAA!”  If he’s looking to make me happy he’ll say, “maaaDAAADAAADAAA!” 

… does have a new word: “Uh oh” (as in “OH NOES!”)  He hasn’t a clue what it means he just likes saying it.  Normally, he’ll say something like “*GRUNT!* oh.” or “*insert loud choking sound here* oh.”  or  “*COUGH* oh.”  It’s cute because he’ll still use the sing song-y tune and repeat it when you say it.

… holds his bottle when he eats.  This makes mommy squirm.  He’s not very neat and he’ll take it out of his mouth occasionally so he can admire the bottle and laugh at it.  Bottles drip, y’all.  On faces and clothes and carpet and everything.  Wayne sees me holding Evan and rolls his eyes and says, “He can do it himself, Amber”  And I say something lame like, “But he won’t eat as much!” and leave out the, “Because the carpet will drink it!” bit.

Picture 2510

… went to the zoo for the first time.  Not sure how many animals he actually saw… BUT! went to the zoo!  He did like the little polar bear/seal tunnel:


… got himself his first real booboo.  He was at daycare and was trying to pull himself up (STOP THAT!) on a big toy and it fell over on top of him.  He seemed just fine.  He let me poke at it and everything.  It’s on his fo’head, see?


… is eating some ‘soild’ food.  He’s been getting pieces of veggie crackers at daycare and just yesterday I broke up some Yogurt Bites for him.  I did split the 1/2 inch ‘bite’ into 6 pieces though.  I’m just too scared to put anything solid into his mouth!  Isn’t my job to make sure he DOESN’T put anything into his mouth??

… got his big boy car seat.  ohmygodmybigboysniff.  I, being the typical paranoid first time mother that I am, went out and bought the most expensive one at the local Babies ‘r Us.  When I was researching them a few months back, the one I got was the top ranked one on Consumer Reports.  When I checked back after is was installed, let’s just say it was no longer at the top.  Super-Procrastinating-Daddy hadn’t put it in so I went out to do it myself.  Mistake.  I just about blew my lid.  I couldn’t get it perfect and it had to be perfect and the damn belt wasn’t lining up with the damn arrows and I’ll be damned if those stickers shouldn’t be removed and placed where I wanted them like a Rubik Cube.  Wayne was mowing the lawn at the time and saw stream raising from my head and told me he would take care of it. 


… is in 12 Month clothes and 2-3 size Pamper Swaddlers.  This is the largest size of Swaddlers that they have and I’m so very sad about it.  They’re so soft and… soft.  It’s all he’s ever been in.  Ever since his first day ever.

… is growing so fast and I am completely NOT digging it.  He’s flirting with women and is crawling too fast.  Although, when he puts down a toy, turns around to look at me for no reason at all, smiles, crawls towards me and pulls himself up on my leg because he wants me to hold him… IT’S. ALL. WORTH. IT.  No question.



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