My 8 Month Old…

May 23, 2009 at 10:06 pm | Posted in Baby Weight (Evan) | 2 Comments

… HAS TEETH!  IN HIS MOUTH!  TWO!  No really, I’ll prove it:

See?  TEETH!

He decided to go dramatic on me and had a 101 fever for about a week and a half and then a 103 fever for a couple of days before they made their appearance.

… will now reach for you when he wants to be picked up.  He will raise his arms up when you stand over him.

… is GENIUS!

… *sigh* say’s Dada all. the. time.  *sigh* If you look at him and say “Da Da”, he will look back and concentrate real hard before whispering “daaa… da” in his sweet little baby voice (that I compare to glittery cherub angels singing while riding flying unicorns over rainbows and landing in a flower covered fields).  I don’t think he knows what he’s saying yet, but he likes to say it because we fawn over him and clap and jump up and down and kiss him and adore him when he does it.  I will admit that, yes, I am bruised a little over the fact that he is saying Dada and not Mama (to which he still laughs at when you say MaMa to him).  *sigh* I’ll get over it and continue to assure my husband that Dadais far easier to say than Mama and he doesn’t really know what it is he’s saying yet.  Which, now that I’m seeing it in words, makes me a bit of a bitch.  Sorry, Dada.  *sigh*

… has a House obsession that continues to grow.  Before, the theme music would come on and he would direct all of his attention to it whether he was playing/eating/excersaucering/crying/sometimes even sleeping.  Now, not only does he come to attention, but he smiles while watching and there is even a part he giggles at.  I think it’s when the brain shows up on the screen showing the name of the actor that plays Wilson.  Since it’s an illustration of a brain, he must be mocking said brain because it’s so teeny compared to his own.  Obviously.

… is GENIUS!

… had a couple days of co-sleeping.  He enjoyed it a great deal.  I did not.  If I wasn’t staring at him and trying to move as far away as possible, I was dreaming of watching him and moving as far away as possible.  While in our bed about a week ago, we had a little scare and that was the end of that.  Let’s just say that people kill other people with pillows and so pillows can kill people and by extension, babies.  Evan wanted to cuddle with Daddy and moved closer to him and under his pillow.  Mommy was tapped on the shoulder by a guardian angel and woke up to see this with her night vision.  And Voila! co-sleeping is not for us.  It is nothing short of amazing the shiny new abilities you get when you become a mother: Vision Improvements (Night and Back of Head) / Instinct / Can Smell a Poopy Diaper from 100 Yards Away / Tolerance of Various Bodily Fluids Making Contact With Your Skin / Comprehension of and Ability to Voice “Things my Mother Used to Say to Me” and many, many more!  Get your Mommy Abilities Today!

… launches himself.  If he is sitting and decides he wants to stand or get that ‘thing’ over ‘there’ he will spring up like he’s going to jump.  This will also occur while sitting on my lap or at the edge of the bed.  (Another Mommy Ability: Improved and Enhanced Reaction Times!)  As in: “Furry doggy bed!  I need to nom that now!”  *la

… still trys to “nurse” when he’s sleepy and in my arms.  He’s not doing it as often though.  Hopefully he’ll stop by the time he’s two.

… smiles when he sees me.  When I pick him up from daycare or when I come home.  Even when I open the car door to get him out.  Every time he does this it turns my heart to mush.  I may not live much longer.

… will sometimes hold his bottle.  He gets a kick out of pulling it out and laughing at the bottle.  OooooKaaay.

… is starting to pull himself up.  I don’t know if we’re ever going to let him.  Cracked noggin’s dance around in our heads,

… gets cuter everyday. 

… has a mommy that loves him more every day.  When does this stop?



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  1. “When does this stop?”

    4 years in, my answer: NEVER.

  2. […] has 6 and two halfs teeth.  Four top and center and the adorable little bottom two.  He’s currently working on 2 molars and he’s crewing on his poor hands and tongue […]

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