My 7 month old…

April 30, 2009 at 10:12 am | Posted in Baby Weight (Evan) | Leave a comment

… sits to play.  That completely freaks his daddy out.  “He’s going to fall!”  “He’ll hit his head!”  I feel for the guy, I really do… but what is he going to do when Evan starts walking?  He’s going to make me tape pillows to every hard surface in our home.

… still has no teeth.  Not even a hint of a peek of a tooth.  He has even stopped drooling.  It’s going to be awkward when he’s chewing on a teether in his driving class.

… still is immobile.  Not that I’m complaining too hard.  I’ve heard moving babies are a handful.  He doesn’t roll across the room (or over for that matter).  I’ve tried the ‘put a toy just out of reach’ thing.  He stretched and stretched and determined the toy was just out of reach so he just stuck his hand in his mouth and went about his business after he spit up on my comforter because I put his damn toy just out of reach.

… is always sick with something.  You know that comforter I told you about?  He projectile vomited onto that and his daddy a couple weeks ago.  Poor little child.  He had a fever and was, *ahem* runny.  I remember wondering when I was childless, about how mothers always talk about their child’s bowel movements.  It seemed odd and terrible.  Now I know that it’s unavoidable.  Just as you have to talk about how cute/lovable/adorable/shumshable your child is… you must talk about the color/texture/odor/shape of said child’s poo.  WTF is that about?

… will never eat table food.  We’re too scared to give it to him.  We were letting him gnaw on watermelon and the tiniest piece broke off into his mouth.  He gagged a little.  He coughed.  We patted his back.  We immediately started to wonder if we remembered the choking thing they taught us in our birthing class.  We almost had a heart attack.  He will stay on the Stage 2 foods and cereal thankyouverymuch.

… comes to attention when the House theme song comes on.  I DVR the shit out of those reruns and play them when I need something going on in the background.  He’ll be in the middle of a bottle and quickly turn his head towards the TV while simultaneously spitting out the formula in his mouth.  Umm… is he supposed to be doing that to cartoons and not episodes of House?  Opps.

… wore his first pair of shoes a week ago!  He’s never had them on before and I threw a pair of sandals on his feet before we went to Aunt Stephanie’s house to visit. 

… laughs when I sing to him, laughs when I dance for him, laughs when I say ‘Mama’, laughs when I make a funny face. 

… likes me to make a fool of myself. 

… has the best part ever… that little flat space under his chin.  I wuv it!  So cute.



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