Accomplishment hurts and gets you robbed. Apparently.

April 28, 2009 at 2:12 pm | Posted in Baby Weight (Evan), I's for reals, Me myself I and me again | 3 Comments

That pain in my thighs?  That’s Accomplishment.  My burning ass?  Accomplishment.  My calves crying out in fear and confusion: “What is it that we are doing?  Why haven’t we reached the fridge yet?”  That’s right, Accomplishment.

I walked.  March for Babies for the March of Dimes.  This Sunday, the hubby, Matt, Evan and I walked 6 miles for babies.  That’s right babies, six miles, just for you.  I can’t even go through the mall without limping up to a sweet old man in a Hoveround and (depending on how pervy he looks) hopping on his lap for a ride to my ride or kicking him (politely) off the damn thing so I can ride to my ride (after I run him over.  Politely.)

And we made it.  Six miles.  It was at around the negative third mile that the bitching began.  We were walking out of our front door and it was cold.  And wet.  The ground was mushy.  The wind was… windy.  (I’m an effin’ literary genius)  We piled everything we might need into the car and bitched on our way there like it was going to fuel the vehicle.

But this was for babies, y’all.  Healthy ones.











My tear ducts were worked out before the rest of my body.  People walked about with stories on their backs… summed up in a few words:


You really don’t know whether these babies lived or died.  But I tell you what, this huge family team was cheering (jumping and shouting and pom poms and everything) around a stroller after they crossed the finish line.  I was too far away to see the baby/child inside it.  My mind has decided that Paige is now healthy and walked six miles on Sunday.  What my mind says goes.

So we were off!  Evan spent the entire walk chillin’.  He took about a 45 minute nap in there somewhere but otherwise he was just looking around, enjoying the ride.


Evan went from 6:30am to almost noon without a bottle.  He’ll let us know when he’s hungry but that morning he didn’t make a peep.  I can honestly say that he was the only one of us that didn’t bitch about the walking/cold/wet/wind.

Howevah, I wasn’t being sponsored to be pampered.  Friends were giving money to support my effort.  They were giving $465.00 in fact.  $165 over my goal!  I’ll gladly and painfully be out there next year.




No Good Deed Ever Goes Unpunished, right?

After the walk we dragged our sorry, soggy asses and accessories into the house.  We had baby, bags, drinks and such.  We were in a funk and couldn’t wait to wash it off.  Why should I be bothered to do something as difficult as pressing the damn little button to lock my damn car.  I shouldn’t damn it. 

So the next day Matt and I hop (painfully) in the car and we drive off to Matt’s school.  He put a purple glove on the dash. 

Me:  “Is that your glove?”

Matt:  “No.  It’s not yours?”

It wasn’t mine.  I tossed it on the floor board on my way to work and other than giving it a few dirty looks, I ignored it.  On the way home from work I glance down and notice my change is missing from my change cubby.  “WTF?” I thought. 


Someone broke into my poor, unsuspecting, unlocked Jeep sometime during the night.  And you know that they are dumbasses because only dumbasses steal things.  But this dumbass was the Queen of Dumbassery because she stole my coins but not Miss GPS in the center console.  AND SHE LEFT HER PURPLE STRIPED GLOVE ON THE PASSENGER SEAT!  (because stealing change with a knitted glove on is awkward people.)

And be warned: Hubby is ichin’ to spend all night in the dark with his paintball gun aimed out the window. 

But I’m not going to let that get me down because I walked and donated and I have lovely friends that did the same…


Thanks y’all.



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  1. This brought tears to my wonderful you, Wayne, & Evan are for walking for such a great cause! You totally rock Amber!! That picture of Evan saying “thank you” is priceless..*tear*…he is completely and utterly beautiful!

  2. […] I walk for March of Dimes every year because that thought takes my breath away.  Take a couple weeks of gestation away from Evan and that could have been him.  It could be any of our babies. […]

  3. […] You are now reading the words typed by a girl who has walked another 6 miles. […]

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