Photo Phriday: What do you want from me?

April 24, 2009 at 7:52 am | Posted in Baby Weight (Evan), I have unleashed the crazy, I's for reals | 1 Comment

I mean, really.  I’m walking 6 miles to save lives on Sunday.  I can’t be expected to, I don’t know, take pictures too.  So you get an oldy but a goody.  And a nagger reminder to WALK and DONATE and SPREAD THE WORD! 



 Oh Hai.  Wook how wittle I was… it’s embarrassing.  How am I supposed to kick ass when I’m this small? Swaggering is difficult when you’re thin as a rail.  Give so other bahbees come out plump.  (Also embarrassing?  This hat.  Seriously, WTF?)  I’m walking this Sunday… and I can’t even walk yet.  How awesome is that?  A long bubble bath with rubber duckies followed immediately with a big warm bottle- it’s that awesome.


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  1. I love going home photos. All the babies are so wee – of course Erin was a huge, fatty boomba by the time she came home (7lbs at 5 months) but still…

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