Photo Phriday: A year ago I thought I was pretty damn special.*

April 10, 2009 at 11:08 am | Posted in Baby Weight (Evan), I shouldn't have even posted this, Me myself I and me again, Photo Phriday, Putting on Baby Weight (Pregnancy), Rewind | Leave a comment

…turns out I was just pregnant.  Like everyone else. 


I was about 15 weeks along here.  I blossomed pretty early.  This is what I looked like throughout my entire pregnancy.  Hands on my belly and a smug little grin on my face*.  “Looky… I created life.  I’m sustaining it with my mind.  What have you done today?”*  Turns out there was about eleventy thousands of other woman who were blah blah blah… whatever.  Because I created this and they didn’t*:

all smiles

How does that taste?  Bitter?  Hard to swallow?  Yeah, I thought so.*  (Umm, Stephanie and I were just discussing this Scrubs quote and I choose to jack it.)

*It’s not that I think my kid’s better than yours… it’s just that he’s MY kid and sooo much better than yours I wuv him to pieces.  Your kid’s cute too.  Srsly, that kid of yours is adorable.  I love me some children.  I wanna see photos!  Can I have them when they are all little and new?  I like them the best.  I’ll take good care of them!  Nommmmmm… newborns.


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