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So much complaining… so little time. 

I’ll start with Evan… well, because everything starts with Evan.  He turned 7 months old today.  Seven!  Next thing I know he’ll be going to kindergarten and bars.  He’s no longer an infant or a newborn.  He’s a BABY.  That’s a breath away from TODDLERsigh/sob/sniff

7 is heaven.

WTF is up with paying to get your own medical records??  I just sent a fax to my OB requesting the records from my less-than-stellar delivery.  It’s $21.58 to open the file.  Yes, to take my file down from the shelf and open the manila folder is costing me twenty-damn-dollars!  Then… Then!… the first 20 pages are $1.08 a page.  Pages 21-50 are $.54 and over 50 is $.22 a page.  WTF.  I understand that paper and printing costs and toner and shit costs money… but that’s so much that I’ve waited to do it until I had my birthday money because it’s so expensive.  Hey, thanks for the present, Grandma! 

It’s so important that you are part of your own medical care.  You innocently request your paperwork for your files and then they stuff your records down their pants, turn up their nose, shake their head and say, “Nope.  Mine.”  I got the 3rd degree when I was inquiring about how to go about getting them.  Were they for another doctor, what did I need them for, what are you going to do with them.  This is total BS.  Hi, that’s my history.  Can I please know what the hell went on?  I want to know how bad my situation was, what stage HELLP I was in, what I presented with, my blood levels.  They pat my wittle head and say, “Darling, you were sick.  You had an ouchy.  It’s all better now.  You can totally get preggers.” 

I’m all for educated decisions.  Ask a wide range of doctors a question and you get a wide range of answers.  You must trust your doctor but you have to know when something just doesn’t make sense.  I didn’t go to med school and I highly respect doctors for all the work (good work!) that they do but don’t fucking dumb it down for me.  I’ll have it to give to another doctor if they need it.  Hell, I did it for them!  I came in with my gynecological history on paper for my initial meeting.  Very handy.  They were tickled with it.  But to ask for my records with them??  shock/awe/stare/gimmiemymoney

(I would like to say that I’m ranting.  I loved these doctors.  They may have saved my flippin’ life.  I don’t question doctors as a general practice (get it?).  Just why oh why is it frowned upon to know what’s in your file and how come I gotta pay to see it?)

Moving on!

Awesome, awesome, completely excited about an education conference I am going to for work in May.  I plan on learning an ass load and then overwhelming myself with projects upon my return.  Sweet.  Then: NNNNooooooOOOOOO….  AWAY from my SWEET BABY for FIVE days!!!!  I’m going to miss FIVE days of my DEAR CHILD’s life!  He’s going to look at me like, “Who the hell are you, Lady?” when I return… at 2am… and totally wake him up as I’m swooping him up and SQUEEZING and KISSING and CRYING ALL ON him.  NOT TO MENTION!! (ok, I’ll mention) I leave in the morning on MOTHER’S DAY!  My first Mother’s Dayack/dismay/SOB

SOB  sobsobsob…. sniff.



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  1. According to HIPAA, which is federal law, you have a right to inspect and make a copy of your medical records. Actual ownership of those records varies by state, and usually resides with the provider (ie the doctor).

    I don’t believe that there’s any clause requiring free access. Excessive charges might be construed as blocking access, but (unfortunately) what you were charged would probably be considered reasonable.

    Next time, if there is one, you might still have to pay, but faced with all the dam-fool questions you can just glare at them and inform them that you are exercising your HIPAA rights to inspect, copy, and optionally correct your records.

    • Damn skippy! I have a habit of trying to make a joke out of everything… their jaws would drop if I said… “HIPAA. Hand it over.” It’s not a bad idea.

  2. Just wait til he starts wearing the big boy 2-piece pj’s. I cried.

    • I cried when I bought the 2-piece PJs he can’t even wear yet. I’m going to be the mom in the back row bawling as my son “graduates” kindergarten.

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