My Six Month Old…

March 23, 2009 at 10:29 am | Posted in Baby Weight (Evan) | 2 Comments

… now has a first word: “Pfffft”.  My son makes farting noises at me or anyone else that does it to him.  It’s the first thing he has ever repeated.  A farting noise.  Weeeee!  AND when I say, “MaMa” to him, he smiles and laughs like I’m telling him a damn joke or something.  Or like he’s saying, “Oh Mother, I’m not going to say it if you want me to say it.”  And then he rolls his eyes. 

… is now on Stage 2 foods.  You wouldn’t believe the types of crazy they have in those tiny bottles.  They label them “Dinner”s – you know, like how they call Velveeta a “Cheese Product” or how some “juices” are called “Fruit Flavored Drink”s.

… has man-sprayed me twice since I told you he hasn’t man-sprayed me in months.  It always seems to surprise him more than it does me… “The hell?  Woman, why am I wet?  Dry me… Stop wiping off your face!  Look at my belly, it’s all wet!”

… has rolled over once.  Still.  He has inherited his mother and father’s stubbornness.  I plan on being in a coma during his second year if this keeps up.

… is in 6-9 month clothes.  I’m still weird and completely bag up all the clothes in the old size and hang up all of the new size.  He has so. many. clothes. 

… has so. many. clothes. but has only been in jammies for the last 4 weeks because he’s been at home with his daddy. 

… loves when I read to him.  He actually smiles and laughs a little when I lay him down and bring out a book.  He tolerates my favorites but gets down right giddy when I break out “Hand Hand Fingers Thumb”.

… thinks sitting is totally unimpressive.  He’ll sit as long as he thinks is completely necessary.  Then he’ll give you a look and will tip backwards.  Apparently there is always someone there to catch him… so whatever.

… now thinks STANDING is the bee’s knees.  If he sitting, he’ll kinda bounce up and down a little until you pull him up.  He’ll look at you with a big open mouthed grin as you hold his hands to keep him vertical.

… has a big open mouthed grin that is still toothless.  He’s even slowed the drool.  Not that I’m complaining but come on teethers!

… got a sippy cup this weekend.  He has no idea what to do with it.  Except hit his head with it.  Hard.  Three times in a row before mommy took it away.  He had a huge red welt on his forehead and a big “WHAT?” look on his face.  His head is as numb to pain as it is big I suppose.  He face planted into my pendant the other day hard enough to hurt me and leave a mark on his face, but he was unfazed.

… loves him some excersauser toys.  It has a little bar that has balls on it that you push back in forth.  Only he wants the damn thing in his mouth… so the bar is now permanently bended towards him.  I’m so worried it’s going to break off but if it does, it probably won’t bother him in the least.  The most yummy toys are shown here:

Excersauser Goodness

… has a firm grip on his mom’s heart and soul.  I don’t know if I’m ever getting them back and I don’t really care.



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  1. -Stage 2 food is nasty, I only fed Nate the fruits and veggies–none of those “dinners”–the smell reminded me of cat food. Stage 3 is even worse, we just went straight into finger foods.
    -Nate was toothless forever, then he got six, all at once!
    -Ohh how I miss the exersaucer and the freedom it gave me! You should try the Johnny Jump Up–it’s awesome!

    Sorry it’s such a long comment, I just love me some baby posts!

  2. I love me some long comments. I totally need to buy me a Johnny Jump Up!! All six at once? Oh boy, did that make teething that much harder? Yikes!

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