My little lady’s man is a bit overwhelmed

March 16, 2009 at 11:16 am | Posted in Baby Weight (Evan), Me myself I and me again | 3 Comments

This past Saturday, we packed up and went to a birthday party.  “We” being the new parent assholes that lug their child to adult birthday parties.  But he’s so cute and everyone will love him and I’m totally a sucker for showing off my little Evan.

[I interrupt to show off a little of my dumbassery:  The birthday girl’s name is Jessica and she has a sister that was there and people were saying “Happy birthday” to her as well.  I’m all, “Idiots, they got the sisters mixed up because they look the same because they’re twins.”  THEY’RE TWINS.  Of course they have the same birthday.  Shit.]


We arrive to a chorus of “Awwwwww”s.  I’m standing around looking at the chicks wanting to come over to my son and chomp his fat cheeks off.  He gets handed over within 2 minutes of our arrival.  Because who can resist this:

Gobs of cuteness

No One, that’s who.

He’s perfectly OK with being tossed around.  I’m always near, but he doesn’t really care that’s I’m not the one holding him.  He’s not grinning at anyone, he’s just staring slack-jawed all rude-like… at everyone.  None-the-less, his cuteness coats the room and his checks turn red from all the pinching.

Somehow at some point I steal him back and find Wayne.  He’s sitting in the decked out garage with a couple guys, a chick, two 4 year olds and a dog.  The little girls go apeshit over him and hug him and kiss his hands and tickle his feet and say, “Hi Baby” a gazillion times.  It was adorable.  Evan was unimpressed.  He’s all, “WTF?”  Just kinda crinkling up his eyebrows and slowly pulling away from all the love.  Eventually, the children start running around screaming, (as 4 year olds are contracted to do), and the dog starts barking.  Evan starts to get frustrated.  At first he’s all, “Why, I never” then it’s, “Seriously?  You have to be this noisy?” and then he starts looking around at us adults all, “Aren’t you supposed to shut them up?  Do something!”  We do nothing, so Evan takes it into his own hands and shouts.  Just a quick, loud, “AHHHHHHHH!”  Everyone stops and looks looks at him and laughs.  So he yells louder, “GAHHHHHHH!!”  And we erupt in a fit of giggles.  Then he breaks out the pity cry, “EH, EH, EH, Waaaaaaaa… gasp, gasp… bwahhhhhhhh… sniffle… fwaaaaaaaaaa”  So we all, “Awwwww” and I scoop him up and carry him to a quiet part of the house.

The rest of the night goes this way.  He’s peachy then it gets a bit too loud for his taste and he screams, “SHUT UP!”  And then I carry the offended boy to the other end of the house.  I changed him into his jammies and we walk about saying good bye to everyone.  He’s cradled in my arms doing some kinda body contortion thing that makes him even more yummy.  And yet even though he wasn’t in the best of moods, I love beaming with pride at being his mommy.  Because, ADORABLE!:

see, I'm stinkin' cute.



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  1. So Funny! It was about that age when Nate discovered his voice. We were in a resaurant with a big open indoor courtyard in the middle. He screamed and heard how incredibly load he sounded with the echo. Meanwhile, instead of shushing him, Philip, the in-laws, and I just crack up! Needless to say he ruined many meals that day.

    • My trouble compounds because I think his cries are adorable. I wonder when that stops?

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