My Five Month Old…

February 23, 2009 at 12:41 pm | Posted in Baby Weight (Evan) | 1 Comment

… doesn’t have any teeth yet, but I can hear them coming.  Evan had a grumpy weekend with a low-grade fever.  (*cough* Motrin *cough*)  Drool was everywhere (seriously, Evan and I changed clothes three times a day – wow, that shows how much I spoil hold him, doesn’t it?)  He had this satanic stare locked on his (or mine!) hands.  “In. My. Mouth.  Get inmymouth!!”  I don’t see any teeth yet but I’m sure it will be soon.

… rolled over once!  It looked like it kinda caught him by surprise.  Like: “The Hell?  I was just staring at the ceiling… why the heck am I looking at the floor?”  Then I screamed.  I think at that moment Evan decided not to try it again.

… looooooves to sit up.  I grab his hands and pull him to the sitting position and he just giggles like crazy.  He then looks at me all proud of himself and I create this huge adoring fuss over him and he smiles away.  You’d think he just cured cancer. 

… wants you to throw him around.  Shake-shake-shake him.  Toss him in the air.  Throw him from parent to parent.  Swing him by his arms.  “Don’t be dainty woman, I want to get some air time!” 

… doesn’t seem to worry about Shaken Baby Syndrome or broken bones or contusions like is mommy does.

… still doesn’t have his own room but we’re getting closer!  You can walk in the room now.  That’s right.  On the floor even.

… has decided the whole “sleeping through the night” thing is overrated.  5 days out of the last 7 he has woken up at least once during quality sleeping time.  However, I can’t blame him for one of those nights… his dad came into the room to retire for the evening at decided to check the volume of his ring tone.  Loud enough to wake the baby, that’s for sure.

… eats a large amount of cereal/veggie mixture twice a day.  He also believes that feeding time is a great babbling time as well.  All the time you hear this: “Baa Waa Baa Aaa Gaa” Then: “Damnit child, no talking with your mouth full!”  Most of my jammies are now orange/green poka-dotted.

… hasn’t ‘man-sprayed’ me while changing a diaper since he was about a month old.  Excuse me while I try to find some wood to knock my head on.

… has a favorite toy: Mallory the Monkey.  It vibrates when you pull on it.  Why?  Why does all of the baby stuff vibrate?  I don’t get it.  Neither does Evan. 

… has a favorite book: Hand Hand Fingers Thumb.  I could recite this professionally.  But I won’t.  You’re Welcome.

… has a mommy that is using a blog to record what is going on with her son.  Because she doesn’t update the book.  Because too much writing make her fingers all hurt-y.  Internet’s forever, right?

P.S. This blog’s spell check doesn’t recognise the word, blog.  WTF?


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  1. Awww, I love posts like this!

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