Photo Phriday: All baby advice comes from these people. No wonder…

February 13, 2009 at 10:04 am | Posted in Photo Phriday, Rewind | 1 Comment

The 3 photogs

One has three kids.  THREE!  Why?  Her hair isn’t gray just yet?  She’s a masochistic wino and furry rat owner?  (Or is Stephanie a wino because of the three kids?  I’ve lost track.)  The other one‘s girl child molests my son and has this weird coupon fetish.  (Carrie, not her 5 month old daughter… which would be awesome!)

This was during a photography retreat in October of 2007.  Evan and Lilah were no more than thoughts in our (Carrie and myself) little heads.  Meanwhile, Stephanie’s little one, Wes, was a bitty newborn.  Fun times had by all.


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  1. A. I love and hate this picture because I look so F.A.T.
    2. I do have gray hair, I’m just stealthy enough to catch them before over passing helicopters pick them out of a crowd.
    d. It’s a cat, not a rat… I mean, DOG! Yea, that’s it!
    @. Take no advice from me. I’m most likely drunk on vino when I give it. Much like my bullets in this comment.

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