My 4 month old: Heartbreaker, Gentleman, PIMP.

January 29, 2009 at 2:40 pm | Posted in Baby Weight (Evan), It's OK to be confused... I am | 2 Comments

I was lucky enough to go through the trails of pregnancy with a trusty sidekick: Carrie.  Not only was she about 6 weeks ahead of me and could tell me what was coming up, she also has an older son and experience with the whole baby process.  (And she did a good job with her first born ’cause look how cute: here, here and here)

What was even more handy was that we work together.  5 days a week, we would give each other updates.  Often, if you couldn’t find me at my desk, I was at Carrie’s.  She was a little too delighted when I tested positive for Gestational Diabetes because she had the same thing.  One more thing to trade notes on.

She gave birth to a beautiful daughter on August 23rd, 2008.  I went to the hospital ASAP to met my not-yet-to-be-born son’s future wife Carrie’s new daughter, Lilah.  Gorgeous, adorable, and ever so cute!  Evan was born 2 1/2 weeks later and joined Lilah at the daycare she and her brother were attending.

Lilah and Evan are the only infants at day care.  So they chill together… a lot.  Kicking it on a mat, Lilah will find Evan’s hand and grab it and hold on despite Evan’s obvious displays of distaste.  She is always a little bit ahead of him and the grabbing thing she had already mastered.  As soon as Evan could reach and grab something, he had Lilah’s hand… she didn’t like not being the aggressor and displayed her distaste… Evan kicked and smiled.

This past weekend Lilah accomplished the task that is rolling!  Back to front and so forth.  I guess she was eager to show it off.  Chilling on the mat, Lilah decides to roll on top of Evan!  Once there, she proceeds to kiss him  – love himmolest him – suck his face!  So there is Lilah laying on top of my son and doing everything she can to connect… Evan, meanwhile, is tossing his head back and forth in an effort to avoid this. 


I would like to think that Evan was being a gentleman and trying to convey to her that they should hold off on the physical stuff until they are older.  “Let’s hold off until we can both sit up” 

I would also like to think that Evan is irresistible and Lilah loves him to bits… instead it was probably, “Wheee!  I rolled over again!  Ohhh Look!  Something to suck/chew/teeth on!  YUM!”

Either way, I’m holding on to the hope that Lilah and Evan will stay close and stay friends through their ordeals.  After all, who wouldn’t want to have her son’s future mother-in-law be kind enough to apologise for her daughter “molesting your son”??



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  1. What a great and fun story. It sure would be nice if they stay best friends!

    What a great find your blog is. Your writing is good, your child simply adorable and your title is very witty! I am definitely coming back.

  2. […] a wino because of the three kids?  I’ve lost track.)  The other one’s girl child molests my son and has this weird coupon fetish.  (Carrie, not her 5 month old daughter… which would be […]

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