Sicky McSick-Sick.

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God Bless it… why must children get sick?  How come little tiny itty bity babies have to get all phelmy and coughy and sound like they can’t take more breath through the snot-swamp that is their noses?

Evan got his first cold right before our anniversary.  We were in the ER at 4am on our 1st anniversary.  What??  Isn’t it a right of passage?  My baby has a fever of 101 and he’s sneezing and ohmygodgettothehospital.  To be fair, I have a “Get me through the night” booklet from the pediatrician and it says if the baby is under three months and has a fever over 101 the baby needs to be seen now.  So I woke up a doctor and he told me to go to the ER.  $50 later… our kid has a cold.  Fun.  To add to the fun, I had to take the day off work to take him to the doctors so HE could tell me what the ER told me ’cause I woke him up in the middle of the night they were worried about him and they want their money like that and they like to double-check like that.

Right around Christmas, the cold started to lift.  And I mention Christmas so that I can add some photos…

Daddy spent 30 minutes trying to get a smile out of the boy.

Daddy spent 30 minutes trying to get a smile out of the boy.

I should do WHAT with these things?

I should do WHAT with these things?

Does this count?

Does this count?

Ahhh….  Babies and Christmas… Lovelaaay.

Anywho, he decided to get sick again.  And I had to take another day off work to take him to the doctor’s again.  They should have Kid Sick Days at work.  Say 15-320 a year?  It’s 8:30 and I call the doctor’s office to get an appointment:

Doc:  The Children’s Office, can you hold?

A:  Sure.

Doc: Thanks for holding… oh wait, can you hold please?

A: Oooookaaay…

So they tell me Evan can come in at 1:15pm.  We get there at 1pm and this is what I’m greeted with:

Doc:  This is for Evan?

A:  Yup.

Doc:  Ummmm, your appointment was at 10:15am.

A:  I was told 1:15pm.

Doc:  Ummmm, your appointment was at 10:15am.

A:  *sigh*

Doc:  I might be able to get you in at 2:45pm!

A: !!!

Doc:  We’ll try to get you in sooner if we can.

Well, WTF.  An hour after sitting in the boring waiting room, Evan decides he’s had enough.  He wants his swing… something else to look at… I don’t know.  He opens up and wails.  Thankfully, I’m in a pediatrician’s waiting room, so everyone in there is a parent and they understand… right??  Miss Receptionist sees/hears Evan expressing his distaste and 15 minutes later they magically have an opening.  Thank you, Evan.

After all that… he has a cold.  Ack.

(And of course this is all beside the fact that I’ve been sick for a full month and a half with a cold and then a throwy-up-type sick thing where I glamorously tossed my cookies at work… in the trash can… where BFF Stephanie cleaned up after me (THANK YOU!) then on to another cold that took aver Christmas and the damn thing won’t shake loose and of course I’m NOT going to the doctor because I’m NOT taking off work because what if Evan gets sick again and we don’t get Kid Sick Days even though we totally should!)

What’s your best worst kid sick story?  I’m sure I haven’t came close to having my worst one yet.


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