Goodbye Newborn

December 22, 2008 at 1:40 pm | Posted in Baby Weight (Evan) | Leave a comment

My little 4 lb, 14 oz preemie has been replaced by a grown up.

He doesn’t want me cradle him in my arms anymore… he wants to sit up like a big boy.

He doesn’t want to gaze in my eyes all day… he wants to watch TV or look at the tree or stare out the window or gaze at his favorite wall.

He doesn’t want to hang with Mommy after day care… he wants to chill in his swing.

To top off ache that is my heart breaking, I had to get out and wash his 3-6 month clothes.  How did he get this big!?  I remember Wayne having to scramble to buy preemie clothes and him being too small for newborn clothes weeks and weeks later.  He used to sigh with contentment when I laid him on my chest and now I hear the same sigh when I strap him into his swing.

Like all men, he morphs back into a baby when ill.  The cold he’s been sporting is now back for round two.  Poor little guy.  The good news is, I got a whole nap with him on my chest.  The bad news:  he tossed up what I swear was a gallon of formula right down my shirt.  Nothing on the outside… right between the boobies… no rim, just net.  Score!  Ahh… mommyhood.

So tell me Internet, what do you miss most about your newborn?


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